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2 Responses to Low mileage battleship 2: ’78 Mercedes-Benz 450SEL

  1. JimmyinTexas says:

    For 8500 BIN it shouldn’t matter if it is a US version or not. It has at least been nationalized with the big ugly bumpers. I’m guessing the velour is an option, and if I had 8500 dollars I would move the wife’s car out of the garage into the rain….

  2. Brian says:

    Need a shot of the emissions label under the hood on the core support and the VIN plate in the driver’s jam to see if this is a U.S. car. What is suspect is the velour interior which to my knowledge was only a European Market feature. Possibly it was special ordered on a U.S. market car. If not one has to ask how many km were on the odo before the cluster was changed out to the U.S. spec version seen in the photos……

    The body looks beautiful so maybe it is a U.S. car but one needs to get some more history…

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