Great Cars Available…Get It Before It's Gone. Check the date of the post. If it is a few weeks old, it is probably too late.

3 Responses to Mama Mille: ’57 Fiat Millecento

  1. Huib Hamer says:

    is the car availebel and what is the price

    • mint2me says:

      The post is over two years old so I think it is long gone. I have no way of getting in touch with the seller or the new owner if any. I encourage you to continue looking. Good luck!

  2. Brian says:

    A Q & A that was done with the seller on this very nice looking little Fiat. Here is the dialogue:
    Your Fiat is a very honest looking example. I’m especially attracted by your statement in the listing of “This car is all original”. I am going to assume what you meant to say was, “this car is all ‘stock’ or “AS” original. I say this because the upholstery definitely looks recent as does the paint. Also, some people confuse leather with vinyl and most folks who restore an old moderately priced car opt for vinyl due to the somewhat lower cost. I do not believe these cars came with “leather” originally even as an option. Original leather after 50 years even if well cared for and kept out of the sun would not look like this. So if it is indeed leather now then that is a nice upgrade – If I am wrong and this car really is 100% original right down to the paint and upholstery PLEASE let me know as I would adjust my valuation upwards. If not I’d hate for you to ship the car to some top level collector expecting absolute authenticity only to be sorely disappointed.

    Hi. Just wanted to let you know that the Fiat has a new paint job, it has Vinyl interior and what I mean by all original is that the car has all original moldings, door handles, engine, transmission and so on. The car has been restored. We purchased the car in Italy from a family who owned it since new. Please call to discuss if needed before you bid more on this vehicle. Thanks.

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