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Grand Prix: ’68 Porsche 912 Coupe

1968 Porsche 912

It seems a day doesn’t go by when we aren’t sent a really nice early 911 or 912. And we are like a pig at a truffle festival when it comes to early Porsches. This one is that wonderful, bright Grand Prix White and much of the paint is said to be original. This is a well put together 912 that has retained pretty much everything that it came with. Read More


Clean Slate: ’66 Porsche 912 Coupe

66 Porsche 912

Really early 3-gauge Porsche 912s are pretty hard to come by. This one has been someone’s daily driver for some time and it is said to be pretty reliable because of that. Cars prefer being driven frequently and treat their owners accordingly. The car has a complete history from the original owner to the present. It does have a factory “unstamped” replacement case because of a cracked engine case but there is documentation to prove the unique circumstances. Read More