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Mouse house: ’59 Corvette Barn Find – Comments on barn find phenomena would be fun to share.

59 Corvette  barn

Probably the single most important trend in automobile collecting is the barn find. Opinions vary on whether or not it will continue at this pace. But some very well known collectors have embraced the trend. We support it when it makes sense. Lets be clear – we support leaving a barn find as original as possible and making it fully operational again. If it can’t be restored and it is not a seriously important car, we would part it out so others may live. Read More


Hot Wheels: ’70 Corvette LS-5

Corvette LS5

The Corvette C3 was patterned after the Larry Shinoda’s Mako Shark Concept Car. It was a mid-engine design that excited everyone who saw it. But concept cars are supposed to be pre-cursors of the future. In this case it was, but the mid-engine was ditched in favor of the existing Sting Ray’s layout. Shinoda’s car was sent to Chevrolet Styling, where Harry Haga’s studio adopted it for production. '70 Corvette LS5The C3 also adopted the “sugar scoop” roof treatment with vertical back window from a Duntov design. The C3 was accidentally introduced to the motoring public not at some big hoopla reveal at the Detroit Motor Show like this year’s new Sting Ray. Mattel’s Hot Wheels was given permission to release an authorized model of the C3 called the Custom Corvette. Seems they didn’t get the memo on the release date.   Read More


Game of Percentages: 1964 Corvette Fuel Injection

The ground-breaking (and pounding) C-2 Corvette changed the American sports car landscape.1964-corvette-fuel-injected-convertible-003 They wrote songs about this. But they wrote songs about Peggy Sue back then so why is that important? It is rare for a Corvette to survive in unrestored condition – even more rare for a silver (12.5%), with red leather (.9%), off-road exhaust (8%) and Fuel-Injection (6%). 1964-corvette-fulie-nickey-062So out of 1,325 Fuelies built in ’64 (including Coupes) how many had this combination and are all original? Read More