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Poco Loco: Mercedes-Benz Unimog U-2450

UnimogEver dream about going on an expedition? You finally have the time or better yet made a commitment to take time to see the world. It is the stuff dreams are made of. Well, the good people who are selling this Expedition-worthy vehicle actually walked the walk. They spent close to a million bucks to build the ultimate in road-worthy exploration vehicles. Not the biggest or most luxurious – just the bulldoggiest. If you know what a Unimog is, then you are half way to understanding this build. It is a division of purpose-built vehicles by Mercedes-Benz.Unimog They are bullet-proof and have a very loyal following here in the US. We can’t go into the details that make this one great. It is overwhelming. Every detail was considered and it performed reliably for the sellers for many years and we’ll bet they have lots of memories. Understand that it needs a little TLC right now. The sellers state the need for new hoses, clutch re-surfacing soon and one of the seat-heaters doesn’t  work. But at a $700,000 discount from the actual build cost, you shouldn’t quibble. Read about 10 pages of technical details by clicking here.

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