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Butt-Welded: ’70 VW Karmann Ghia

Volkswagen Karmann GhiaConcept cars are created to judge public response and the possible success if it is placed in production. Well, back in 1953 VW executives felt they needed a halo vehicle to add to the line-up so they commissioned a styling concept created by Ghia’s Luigi Segre. It was a success. Volkswagen Karmann GhiaThey contracted Karmann to build the car in Osnabruck using old style, time-consuming techniques like butt-welding body panels, hand-shaped and smoothed with English pewter – in other words, more money. The rest of the car is Type 1. The marketing people at Doyle, Dane, Bernbach created a classic campaign for the new car aiming at the excesses of true sports cars – Maybe you don’t want to drive a wild-horse, a man-eating tiger or a killer fish…

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Hey, Junior: ’67 Alfa-Romeo GT1300 Junior Scalino

Alfa-Romeo GT1300 Junior

One of the great Italian designers, Giorgetto Giugiaro, cut his teeth on the sweet little Alfa GT. We believe it was his first big assignment when he began his career at Bertone. It is a timeless design that flows beautifully front to back. And why we sold ours last year…remains a mystery. So we know Juniors well. And we know finding one that hasn’t been eaten by the tin-worm or messed with by well-intentioned owners who swapped in a bigger motors, is really hard. Yes, the 1300cc version of the Alfa GT requires that your foot be pressed to the mat constantly to keep up with traffic. But there is a certain satisfaction with the process. Hey, Secretariat needed a kick in the butt on occasion. Read More


Monaco Sprint: ’72 Lotus Elan Sprint S4

Lotus Elan

When you hear Lotus, you think of all of the innovation Colin Chapman brought to the art of sports car manufacturing. It became the essential British Sports Car of the ’60s. Light weight, a reasonably stiff backbone chassis, a willing twin-cam engine and a perfectly tuned suspension translated into loads of fun…if you were under 6 feet tall. Elans are pretty small. At 1420 pounds it could sprint to 60 mph in 7.1 seconds. Not too shabby. Read More


Got Milk?: ’48 DIVCO Delivery



1948 DIVCODid you know that 80% of milk delivery before WW II was delivered to the home by truck? And by the 1970s, that practice almost totally disappeared most likely due to the invention of the convenience store and women joining the workforce. During the heyday of home delivery, a Michigan truck manufacturer, DIVCO, dominated this segment. Unfortunately most of the curvy DIVCOs have been scrapped or litter the back roads of America. How did this one survive, you ask? Well it almost didn’t.  It was saved by 2 brothers whose dad drove one on his milk route throughout their childhood. The brothers spent over 3,000 hours combining the one from the field with the drivetrain of another. So it took 2 DIVCOs to realize this beautiful restoration. No detail was overlooked as they tried earnestly to be faithful to the memories of their dad. By the way, both boys were taught how to drive as soon as they could see over the steering wheel…standing up! Click here to learn more at the eBay Auction.