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Olympic Hopeful: ’64 Ford Cortina GT

Ford Cortina GT

Ford introduced their new volume sedan in 1962. They selected the name because they liked the Italian town that hosted the ’56 Olympics – Cortina d’Ampezzo. Naming a car d’Ampezzo wasn’t cool so they used Cortina. Like most new models, it took a year before the tweaks started to happen. The standard engine in ’63 was a 5-main bearing 1500cc pumping out 60 horses. The most powerful version of this engine (used in the GT Cortina) was 1498 cc (1500) and produced 78 bhp (58 kW). Ford Cortina GTFord Cortina GTThis engine contained a different camshaft profile, a different cast of head featuring larger ports, tubular exhaust headers and a Weber double barrel carburetor. The GT also had a lowered suspension and in ’64, front disc brakes. We don’t see many Cortina GTs that are essentially unrestored. So when this one cropped up we thought we would give it a look. It is a 1-owner car purchased in Kentucky in 1964. The red and black finish is said to be untouched and it has plenty of patina as does the interior and engine bay. But we like undisturbed. Now it isn’t a Lotus Cortina – we get that. But this will make a sweet little event car with a willing motor and supple suspension. The seller says it needs some mechanical work to be road worthy so plan on a few grand after the purchase is made. The original wheels come with it too. The ask is $15,499 and that seems a bit optimistic. Learn more about it by clicking here.Ford Cortina GT

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