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Hillclimb Racer: ’60 Enzmann

Enzmann 506

You can refer to a car as being rare if there were only let’s say 150 to 400 built. A car is really rare when there are only 18 out of 67 surviving like this Enzmann. And of the 67, there were only 2 built with the jet-fighter roof and only 1 survived. Now that is rare! Honestly, we had never heard of an Enzmann 506 or an Enzmann anything. Enzmann wanted to build a racecar and could not afford a Porsche so he set out to build a competitive car based on a VW chassis. His cars were built at his shop in Switzerland or as a kit. Most were powered by VW engines in some higher state of tune. The highest available was built by Okrasa – a popular specialty engine builder. Mind you, you could do anything you wanted to an Enzmann if you bought the kit and there were probably a car or 2 powered by Porsche or even supercharged. Enzmann 506This car, #28, has an interesting story. Lloyd Crump from West Lawn, Pennsylvania purchased it while traveling in Europe. He ordered it new with an Okrasa TSV-1300 engine kit installed. For unknown reasons, he sold the car to his neighbor Frank Koch, who purchased the vehicle for his daughter so she could compete in the yearly hill climb event held at Mount Equinox near Manchester, Vermont (VSCCA runs the Equinox to this day). Racing turned out not to be her thing and after tagging a guardrail, she threw in the towel. Enzmann reThe car remained with Mr. Koch for over 40 years! It went to the current owner still sporting its original Michelin “X” ply tires, speedometer with only 5500 kms, original brake shoes, Nardi steering wheel, Okrasa 1300cc engine, upholstery, glass, sliding roof, etc. Other than being repainted once in its original color after the guardrail incident, the car remained as original as the day it was first delivered! Therefore this is a very original, rare car with known history. But it is an odd car to go after if you don’t already have a sizable collection. Let’s say you have a stable filled with Porsches and you wanted something to park next to the RSK then we get it. Let’s face it; Enzmann wasn’t influenced by Pinifarina one bit! To be fair, he had to integrate parts from many different production cars to keep the price down. The seller is asking $177,385 for this rarity and it is listed under Other: Porsche. Hmmmm, not so sure about the Porsche reference or the price but we wish him luck. If eBay doesn’t work out, perhaps one of the better Monterey auctions is the place to find a buyer. See & learn more about #28 by clicking here.Enzmann 506

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