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Silver Bullet: ’78 Porsche 911SC Sunroof

Porsche 911SC

We debated whether to post this Porsche because it will probably be gone by the time it gets any air time. As you may know by now, and if you do not, we love Porsche Coupes over Targas and Cabriolets. We believe they are the perfect expression of the classic design of a 911. From a performance perspective, they are a bit lighter and certainly stiffer than the roofless variants. That’s not to say we wouldn’t have a nice Targa mind you. Porsche 911SCPorsche 911SCWe have had a few and enjoyed them but that was more because of opportunity than choice. Okay, so we’ve established we like Coupes so lets drill down to color. We think silver metallic is one of the best colors on a 911. Add some bucks if you find a good silver Coupe. So far the featured car has those boxes checked. Now proceed down the list and check off rust-free California car, accident free and only 86,000 miles. This is not an auction so please click here and visit the seller’s website. Make sure the chain tensioners were updated but my guess is they are. At $29,500 it isn’t inexpensive but find another one like it…Visit the seller’s website by clicking here.Porsche 911SC re

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