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New Battery: ’57 MGA

57 MGA

Here at Mint we try to select interesting cars while recognizing the diverse tastes, interests and budgets of our readers. The decision to select one car over another may have to do with where it ranks in the collector car/special interest market or simply “we had one of those yesterday”. We review hundreds of ads/submissions each day. Some we scoot by very quickly for any number of reasons (poor photography the leading reason) and others capture our imagination immediately. MGA When we spotted this ’57 MGA, it just spoke to us. Yes, the pictures are like family snapshots but the seller is visible performing some sort of routine maintenance on the car. Another shot has him standing next to it with a proud grin. He has owned this little MGA for years but he hasn’t had the top up in 20 of them. It isn’t the flashiest or most pristine and probably wouldn’t win a trophy at a show but it will give the new owner the same reasons that caused the current owner to love it like a old Labrador. See it here on eBay by clicking here.


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  1. Brian says:

    I’m piking nits, I realize but if the top has not been up for 20 years does that mean that the photos showing the top up are from 20 years ago? (Just kidding…)
    Looks like a wonderfully honest MGA.

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