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Mouse house: ’59 Corvette Barn Find – Comments on barn find phenomena would be fun to share.

59 Corvette  barn

Probably the single most important trend in automobile collecting is the barn find. Opinions vary on whether or not it will continue at this pace. But some very well known collectors have embraced the trend. We support it when it makes sense. Lets be clear – we support leaving a barn find as original as possible and making it fully operational again. If it can’t be restored and it is not a seriously important car, we would part it out so others may live. Read More


House of Windsor: ’66 Ford Mustang GT K-Code

Mustang Hi-performance

No, we haven’t been watching reruns of Downton Abbey. There are other houses of Windsor you know. We refer to Ford’s Engine Facility at Windsor Ontario. The V8 Ford Windsor motor family is considered by many to be one of the greatest and most successful engines of all time. Introduced in ’62 as the halo engine to Ford’s Total Performance program, finding its way into almost the entire range of Ford products. In the early days of the WIndsor, the 289 was the sweetest. Read More


One for the price of two: ’56 Continental MK II

Continental MK 2

The new Continental was not intended to be the largest nor the most powerful automobile; rather, the most luxurious and elegant American car available, designed to recapture the spirit of the great classics of the prewar period—with prices to match. The Mark II’s inspiration was the celebrated V12-powered Lincoln Continentals of the 1940s. It was never to be known as a Lincoln but a separate division. However it was sold through Lincoln dealers and used many Lincoln parts. Go figure. Read More