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Not really a pickup: ’65 Ford Ranchero

65 Ford Ranchero

Way back in the early days of Mint2Me, we had a similar Ranchero to today’s find and was really surprised by the level of interest in it. Coincidentally, we mentioned Ranchero yesterday when we offered that interesting looking Dodge Sweptline. Ford downsized the Ranchero to the Falcon platform and that just made it ripe for a little tweaking. And today’s find really has it going on. It started out as a factory 289 with a 4-speed and that’s good. It was delivered to Tom Stamp Ford in San Clemente, California so the car is pretty solid too. We approve of the choice of wheels 100%. Thanks Rick D. for the listing. We’ll let the eBay listing describe all of the modifications and you can get there by clicking here.65 Ford Ranchero

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