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Pop-ups: ’70 Opel GT

70 Opel GT

These Opel GTs have a loyal following and we can understand why. They have sort of grown on us probably because there aren’t many decent survivors to admire. Designed by Opel Stylist Erhard Schnell, the Opel GT was a fastback, that had no trunk nor a conventional hatchback. There was a parcel shelf behind the seats that could only be accessed through the main doors. Behind the parcel shelf was a fold-up panel that concealed a spare tire and jack. The interior of the Opel GT was surprisingly large for a car of its size with generous headroom and legroom for those over 6 feet tall. 70 Opel GTDuring 1968 to 1973, a total of 103,463 cars were sold. The most collectible GTs are probably the first few hundred cars hand-assembled in 1968 and the 1968–1970 models with the 1.1 L engine, which totaled out at 3,573 cars. We’ve been looking for a decent GT to offer since we started. There just isn’t a huge amount of Opel GTs out there for sale. This one, on eBay, doesn’t look half bad! So that’s a plus. It is in a great period color and has manageable corrosion to deal with. For the most part, some minor cowl rust has appeared and the dash has a few cracks but I think you’ll be able to buy this one right. See it here on eBay by clicking here.70 Opel GT

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