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Big Chief: ’54 Pontiac Chieftain

Pontiac Chieftain

We are big fans of the traditional American station wagon. So when someone sends us one for consideration, we are both excited yet careful. There happens to be lots of junk out there passing themselves off as a classic wagon.

Pontiac ChieftainAlthough you can’t be sure of the condition from the pictures the seller submitted, you get a sense it is worth sending someone to take a look (remember, that’s where Jewel or Jalopy steps in). We were tipped off to this ad by Arthur B., and he usually has a good eye for a  nice one. This is an original 25,600 mile Chieftain that looks very solid. The color may be a little faded or perhaps it is the photograph but it appears to be in pretty decent unrestored condition. The interior too looks well preserved. The seller is asking $17,500 for it but if you have an extra Rockola Commander Juke Box, you might get a deal. Click here to contact the seller.Pontiac Chieftain

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  1. Michael Lazarus says:

    The first repair I ever did on a used car lot was fixing the light in the face of Chief Pontiac in I think a ’49 Chieftain with the same kind of widescreen visor. I guess I was maybe 13 or 14. That would be ’58 or ’59.

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