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A Day of Reflection


Mint2me has been around a short time but we have been very successful (so far) in building readership, finding and selling some great cars. But like any new business or entertainment entity, we need to get feedback from those of you who come to Mint daily for their automotive fix. What we want to know is simple.  What would you like to see more or less of? Race cars or no race cars. How about some newer exotic and sports cars? Or maybe not? It is hard to be pitch perfect for everyone but we can try. If you are a regular reader yet haven’t signed up for our Daily Digest email, you should think about it. If you get bored, it’s easy for you to unsubscribe. So far, our Digest ranks have tripled since we started and not one un-subscriber. There is no prize for being first. Rather than send us a private email, we encourage you to comment right at this post so everyone can read and comment on the comments.

2 Responses to A Day of Reflection

  1. Ron says:

    I love the daily emails, and enjoy all the cars. I’d love to see a “barn find” or fixer upper every once and awhile. Mint to me would be an old Porsche that needs a restore.
    In any respect, good work !

  2. Howard Rosenfeld says:

    Good morning, Michael.
    I really look forward to opening my mailbox each day, to see what interesting discoveries you have shared with us. I think that you are doing a really wonderful job balancing US/foreign, race/street, and you always offer some new information from which I can learn a bit more about each offering. While it definitely caters to a specific audience, this is one gear head who really appreciates all of your efforts.
    Regards, Howard

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