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Italian at heart: ’73 Citroen SM

73 Citroen SM

Like we said in the previous featured Citroen DS21, if you really want a Citroen, particularly an SM, you have to find the best one. Not the best one you can afford. You can’t have a budget and buy one of these. SM by the way, means Systeme Maserati, referring to the Maserati Merak V-6 nestled in the engine room. Regular reader Alex S. sent us this one and it is one to consider. It has 12-year old black paint which really makes this SM sinister yet very cool. It looks great in the pictures and the listing has many more to review. 73 Citroen SM The SM has 86,000 miles and a matching numbers engine. The interior was redone in cloth and although it looks very French it probably should be leather. Even though the seller states it is well-sorted, you wouldn’t go after any car of this caliber without a professional PPI. You’ll have to determine whether this one deserves the effort to get one done. Valuations based on recent sales means you can get these relatively inexpensively considering the level of innovation. Sports Car Market has them as a 5-star caliber car meaning that it could outpace the market by as much as 25%. Hagerty has an average selling price at $20,000 with #2 cars going for over $30,000. The seller is asking $14,000. Feeling brave? Contact the seller by clicking here.73 Citroen SM

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