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Milestoner: ’71 Honda Z600

1971 Honda Z600The Honda 600 was the first “mass market” car sold by Honda. The N600 sedan was introduced to the US market in 1969, and the sportier Z600 coupe followed in 1971. According to a reliable Internet source, a total of 40,586 sedans and coupes were sold in the US for the 1970 thru 1972 model years, with the majority being sedans. 1971 Honda Z600Totals from the Honda Fact Book state that there were 15,500 Z600 Coupes sold in the USA. Regardless of the exact number sold, very few have survived. Although the actual number of survivors is unknown, best estimates are fewer than 1000, probably more like 300 or so are in operating condition today. This one has only 36,000 miles. Then again, 36,000 miles in this little car must feel like 100,000. There are very few surviving in this kind of condition. Hold on to your kimono. One sold at Barrett-Jackson for over $27,000. The seller wants $10,250. Click here for the listing.

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