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Happy Holidays!

We will be taking a break during the Holiday Season. We will be back on Friday morning!

New Kakob


We searched our library of vintage images and found a wonderful illustration for our first Mint2Me Holiday e-Card. Many of our readers are Volvo Cars of North America Alumni and you might recognize this Guy Billout illustration from the cover of Via Volvo Magazine’s Winter 1985 Issue. Perfect.

We launched Mint2Me almost a year ago with the goal of creating an online community for passionate vintage car buyers and sellers who enjoy the exchange of information and the joy of sharing and discovering those rare finds. Other gearhead websites have come before us. But we thought we could bring something new and fresh and sometimes humorous to this crowded niche. Our readers seem to think we are doing pretty good job and that is very rewarding. If you aren’t already a daily Mint2Me reader, consider this an invitation to join our loyal readers by signing up for our Daily Digest.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014.  And, as always, drive safely.


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