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Bwana’s Daily Driver: 1966 Porsche 912 Rally Tribute

Early short wheelbase 912s are wonderful sports cars and they are finally getting some respect. Good ones sell quickly and rare examples, like the soft-window Targa, are sought after.912 Safarire1 With that said, why would anyone do this to such a nice car? 912 Safari 2 truBecause it is very cool and looks like loads of fun. Although I question the idea that a rally car would want to blend in rather than stand out, I get the owner’s mission. The engine compartment looks spot on and I like the fuel cell too.

912 FrThe beauty of these early Porsches particularly the 912 was the incredible handling. I wonder if all that has gone to seed with the rally equipment? Houses sell faster when staged properly and maybe that will apply here too. See it here on eBay.




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