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Budget Supercar: ’69 Ford Torino Cobra

Ford Torino Cobra

New for the ’69 model year, the Torino Cobra was a specific model, and not an option group for the Torino GT.  The Torino Cobra was Ford’s budget supercar entry, a market segment created by the Plymouth Road Runner in 1968. Best of all, the Cobra fastback’s base retail price of $3,333.70 included the big 428. 69 Ford Cobra EngineIf you bought the Plymouth Road Runner you would have to cough up extra to get an engine that would keep up with the Torino. Ford claimed 335 hp but a true 428 CJ output is closer to 400. This body style was a familiar sight on NASCAR tracks packing Boss 429s and 427 wedge-power. Torinos and Torino Talladegas carried Richard Petty to wins in 1969 before he defected to Plymouth and their Superbirds. Ford Torino CobraThe seller claims this Torino Cobra has 41,500 original miles and has its original engine, transmission, interior and all original sheet metal. It is listed in the Marti Report as 1 of 67 built. We like it for its originality and its rather plain exterior. Steel wheels and dog-dish hubcaps look appropriate but a set of American Torque Thrusts would be a  cool upgrade. See it here on Craigslist at $32,500.

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  1. Stephen Hansen says:

    Since Richard Petty had raced Plymouths since 1960, it might be more accurate to say that he defected to Ford for the ’69 NASCAR season. The following year, he piloted the winged Plymouth Superbird and continued to race Plymouths or Dodges through the 1978 season.

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