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Vintage Racer: ’27 Ford Model T

Ford Model T Racer

This is one of the neatest cars we have ever offered. Does it demonstrate our eclectic taste in cars? Yes. But it is a historic hot rod built on an original Model T. From the listing, it appears this is a turn key car that will get you invited to many events and you’ll have a ton of fun getting there. There is not much more that we can say. If you think this is neat, you’ll visit the auction and consider bidding. But how could you not? Ford Model T RacerWell, you might want to have a few other vintage cars for different moods but this one is a keeper for sure. Read more details on eBay by clicking here.Ford Model T Racer

2 Responses to Vintage Racer: ’27 Ford Model T

  1. Roger Karlsson says:

    Love it! looks just like Clayton Paddison’s & mine 🙂 Where did the eBay listing go? Were there any more pictures, like of the engine?

    • mint2me says:

      It was pretty neat and definitely Mintworthy. But it is an older listing so I am sure eBay doesn’t have a record any longer.

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