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Lefty to righty: ’60 Austin Healey BN 7

Austin Healey 3000 MK I

We owned (past tense) 2 really great Healeys. We started with a super Healey Blue ’67 BJ8. It was a great car that we drove everywhere.  That was a little too civilized for us so we searched and found a ’61 Side Curtain car in black with original red interior and a hardtop. Nirvana. So why does this offering sent in by frequent contributor Mike M., bother us a little?  Let’s establish that we applaud the attempt at building a great looking and hopefully driving, event car. We rarely see someone go to the trouble of converting to RHD to get the Works-car look down pat. Austin Healey 3000 MK IThey’ve got gills on the fenders (something we considered) and the proper hardtop configuration. From the spec sheet provided in the listing, it has all the bits to make it a real runner. You’ve got Webers, Jaguar rear discs, and Minilites. Check, check, check. And then everything goes south. The interior is less that half of what the exterior is. Nothing works here. The kit doesn’t seem to fit well,, the material isn’t right and we are not sure what they mean by racing seats. Beyond the fire extinguisher (a good idea in any old English car) and drilled pedals, there isn’t much of a continuation on the theme. And lastly, there is a reference to an all aluminum body. Unless someone panel-beat one up for the current owner, that is a incorrect. The shrouds are aluminum and the wings, doors and boot are not. Big Healey prices have come down a bit and only the best restored cars are getting the big bucks. So I don’t know how to peg this one. It should be a good runner and someone creative can fix the interior to match the outside. That shouldn’t cost anywhere near what the rest of the build cost. Hmmm. What do you thinK? Let’s watch this one. See the entire listing at eBay by clicking here.Austin Healey 3000 MK I

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