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Rarely seen: ’78 Jeep Wagoneer

Jeep Wagoneer

We like Jeeps. They paved (or unpaved) the way for the SUV and Crossovers that are so popular to day. Some are considered collectible. We think older ones are just neat. Most aficionados look towards the Grand Wagoneer for their ride of choice in this segment. But today’s featured listing is a regular Wagoneer and it looks way cool in this trim. 78 JEEP Wagoneer intThis Jeep is one of the most preserved, rust free, and immaculate Wagoneers that we have seen. One might bestow survivor condition to it. It was purchased in Santa Rosa, California and has lived it’s entire life in Sonoma County where it was always garage kept and covered when not in use. The Wagoneer is still wearing California blue plates and the original paint, remarkable for a Jeep of this vintage. The interior has managed to survive the ravages attesting to the care it has received. The seller asks for $7500 and we think that sounds reasonable considering the condition. Read more at the eBay listing by clicking here.Jeep Wagoneer

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