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We have history: ’67 Oldsmobile Toronado

Oldsmobile Toronado

We’ve never posted an Oldsmobile Toronado although we’ve looked at or have been sent a few. One reason may be, that we have lots of history with this model. We have fond memories of our parents ordering and taking delivery of the first Toronado from Gaines Oldsmobile in Brooklyn, New York. It was Dubonnet with black vinyl bench seat up front. Dad ordered it with power everything. It was his first new car ever. We went to pick up the Toronado and unfortunately the car was ordered incorrectly and the power windows and seats were missing. The enterprising General Manager said that they could fix that by installing the power seats from the bosses car that had caught fire earlier in the week. Dad said okay. He kept the Toronado until 1979. We kid you not. Oldsmobile ToronadoOldsmobile spent seven years developing the Toronado. Prior to its introduction to the public, over 1.5 million test miles were performed to verify the strength and reliability of the Toronado’s front-drive components. The Toronado design was over-built; the GMC motorhome of the 1970s used a basically unchanged Toronado-derived drivetrain. Nevertheless, the Toronado won Motor Trend “Car of the Year” honors in 1966. Today’s listing sent in by Frank K. is a ’67 but the visual difference from the ’66 is minimal. Okay, Mom would have never selected Gold but this car is in remarkable condition. It still is an unusually arresting design, more so now than even 47 years ago. The drivetrain, although revolutionary, was built to last so if the Toro was well looked after, this is a pretty easy classic to live with. Valuations information is a bit thin on this one and the fact that it is not the 1st year probably hurts the historic value of the car a little bit. But look at it…Read more on the eBay listing by clicking here.Oldsmobile Toronado

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