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Code Breakers: ’66 Ford Mustang C-Code

1965 Ford Mustang

Ford built millions of Mustangs between 1965 and 1966 so it won’t surprise you to find multiple Mustangs on Mint as we find them. And since there were millions, one can be sort of selective of all the offerings that are out there. Most of the Mustangs are, not surprisingly, restored to some degree. 1966 Ford MustangIf it’s a really rare car like a K-Code or perhaps a C or A Code convertible, it will be treated to a rotisserie restoration. We are going out on a limb here when we say most are given a rattle-can refresh that look good from 15 feet. We got a tip from Arthur B. about this all original, unrestored Fastback 2+2 with a C-Code (2 barrel) and a 4-speed. It is not a New York City original, it is a Los Angeles-built original and a California black plate car to boot. It even has the original California smog pump emissions system. The ‘Stang is wearing original paint, original interior, a nice wood-grain steering wheel, wow! 1966 Ford MustangThe bottom is said to be as nice as the body. To top it off, it comes with paperwork and the owner’s manual. This is the way you want to find them. Sure, it will probably need stuff when you snag this one. The suspension will probably benefit from a rebuild and you can choose to dial in the front suspension to behave more like a Shelby for not lots of money. And then you can swap out the 2V for a 4V as long as you hold on to the original. It is not at all inexpensive and we will see if someone is going to step up to $31,995. Read and see more at the Craigslist listing by clicking here.1966 Ford Mustang

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