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Room for 4: ’87 Ferrari 412


The 365 GT  2+2, one of our favorites, is known as the Queen Mother. Why, we really aren’t sure. But it was the first Ferrari with a real rear seat, power everything and A/C. Ferrari needed a follow-up and introduced the 400 GT in 1976 at the Paris Auto Show. The 400 had a 4.8-liter V-12 engine that produced 20 more horsepower, now up to 340. The new car wore a more contemporary,  Pininfarina-styled angular notchback coupe body. Maybe not as Ferrari-esque as its predecessor. FERRARI 412Perhaps most noteworthy was that GM’s Turbo-Hydramatic transmission became optional equipment, which outraged purists and the press alike. The car was roomy, luxurious, and a capable performer in the GT class. In 1985 Ferrari added a small 120-cc bump in engine displacement, and this final 4.9 liter variant was called the 412. This car could be recognized by it’s body-colored bumpers, different wheels, and an even more luxurious interior than the well-appointed 400i. The DOT work on this car was allegedly performed by Algar Enterprises in Pennsylvania. Do not even think about this Ferrari without a PPI performed by a Ferrari expert. Rust and electrical issues are potential problem areas as well, but these pain points typically only appear on neglected cars. Now this car has only 18,000 miles and that is really low for any car of this vintage. So look for an indisputable record of recent maintenance and verify. Most of these 412s are GM Automatics and are pretty durable. This could be a very inexpensive entry into the Ferrari club but an engine rebuild will cost more than the car is worth. Hagerty has #1, perfect 412s at $30,000. With all of this in mind, the 412 series cars provide a driving experience that is measurably different from Ferrari sports cars, yet is every bit as satisfying. Check out the eBay auction by clicking here.FERRARI 412

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