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Up for some exploring?: ’69 VW Syncro Doka Tristar

89 VW Trisatr Syncro

These Syncros are the darling of expedition fans and adventurers. Read on and you’ll know why. In 1983, the water-cooled engined vehicles allowed VW to rethink four-wheel drive. This time VW decided that they would not use the well-tested “Quattro” system already installed on their sister companies Audi range but instead they went for a completely new and different “Ferguson” system (originally invented by a Briton). They called it the Syncro and although the vehicle itself was exceptionally good it was expensive. The logistics of the manufacturing process, that involved a lot of moving around partially built trucks, contributed to the high price. Initially, body shells from the Hanover works were delivered to the Steyer-Daimler-Puch works at Graz, Austria to be fitted with their 4WD train. They were then shipped back to Hanover to be finished off. 89 VW Trisatr SyncroToday’s offering is rare here in the USA because none were officially imported. It is called the Tristar Doka – Doka being the name for the 4-door crew cab. This was a special package launched in October 1988. It came with alloy wheels, black wheel arch spats linked by graphite coloured lower body paint, an integrated spoiler plus twin rectangular headlights with washers. Rear seat passengers also had their own heater. This one has the upgraded 16″ wheels and wheel arches and the suspension has been further modified for the tough stuff. Although these were not imported, the seller states it is smoged and registered in California. If you are interested we recommend you have a conversation about how that was achieved. Thanks to Evan D. for the listing. Contact the seller by clicking here.

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