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Swedish Amason: ’66 Volvo 122S

1966 Volvo 122S

Relax Volvo fans and we know we have many. We did not misspell Amason. When introduced, the car was called the Amason which derives from the fierce female warriors of Greek mythology, the Amazons. German motorcycle manufacture Kreidler had already registered that name, and the two companies finally agreed that Volvo could only use the name within Sweden, modifying the spelling to Amazon. Subsequently, Volvo began its tri-digit nomenclature and the line became known as the 120 Series. Now you can rest easy with this knowledge. 1966 Volvo 122SWhat ever you call it, this sturdy Volvo is one of our favorites. Jan Wilsgaard designed it and he said that he was influenced by some Chrysler cars he spotted parked at a dock in Sweden. So in some strange way, does Virgil Exner get some credit for this lovely design? Finding a good solid 122S is a chore and the best cars come from the west coast or any dry desert community. Usually, you trade a solid rust-free car with a car with a burnt out interior. So when you find a really nice car that has dodged both bullets, buy it. But why would you want one? They are great event cars and you can modify them with many over the counter parts from reputable suppliers around the country. The 122S was a successful rally car under the skilled hand of the Flying Sikh, Joginder Singh. He was lionized for his driving prowess by Kenyans who watched him dominate the East African Safari Rallies for many years. This car is just such a great stand-up car with just 2-doors and a 4-speed transmission. Everything looks just right and the price at just under $10,000 is probably a little rich but think of the money you’ll save in rust repairs. Contact the seller by clicking here.1966 Volvo 122S

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