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Hit the road: ’59 Lancia Flaminia GT body by Touring

1959 Lancia Flaminia GT

Close your eyes and imagine you are parked along the streets of Rome waiting for your significant other who might be shopping or getting you a double scoop of nocciolo gelato. You’re anxious to get moving again. To listen to the 4-cylinder jewel of an engine whine through the gears as you pick your way through the traffic like a taxi driver in Bangkok. 1959 Lancia Flaminia GTLancias will do that to you and this one, a Flaminia GT, possess the same level of quality and engineering excellence Lancias are known for. It has an aluminum body built by Touring. It has been in the US for most of its life but was returned to Italy for a complete restoration. This is an elegant and responsive GT car eminently qualified for long distance tours and rallies. We believe the seller would be happy with $55,000. SCM has top Flaminia GTs at $65,000. Click here for the eBay listing.1959 Lancia Flaminia GT

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