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Just drive it: ’67 Ferrari 330GT 2+2

1967 Ferrari 330 GT

If you are at all tuned into the collector car world you have heard the noise about cars selling for Matisse money. Just the other day, someone bought a Ferrari GTO for $52 million. An impressive number for sure. And we hope the number is so insignificant to the buyer that the car remains on the road. We’ve heard that some folks are being a little more careful about cars that suddenly have become a major part of their portfolio. For example, you may have been smart enough to buy a Ferrari 250GT Lusso 25 years ago and kept it. You are not a multi-millionaire but your 5 figure Ferrari investment is now approaching 7 figures. Will you take it on the next New England 1000? Probably not. This dilemma shines spotlight on some 2nd tier cars that might never be worth that kind of money but in no way will they be less fun to own and drive. So we set out to find an example and this is what we came up with. It is one of Enzo’s favorite daily drivers – a 330GT 2+2. Read More


Near New Nero: 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia


2010 ferrari 458 ItaliaWe don’t feature newer classics to be often but we came across this 458 Ferrari and it spoke to us loud and clear. Probably because if we were to order a new Ferrari we would probably order it the same way. This one is in almost new condition and still being serviced by the original selling dealer.  The original price was $276,000 and it is offered now for $239,000. Not a bad discount.  It has covered only 6,000 miles with a Factory Warranty until almost 2015. Read More


Another Dead Guy Car: A poignant story of a man and his Ferrari.

67 Ferrari 275 GTB 4 NART

This video has a happy ending so don’t stock up on tissues as if you were about to screen a copy of Bambi in 3-D. The enthusiasts at Petrolicious feature a new video every Tuesday. We don’t know how they do it but we do know why – they just love great cars and the interesting people who own them.


J. Edgar’s Folly: ’97 Ferrari F50

Our friends at Symbolic Motor Cars are representing this extraordinary Ferrari F50. It isn’t just any F50 (not that any of them are ordinary). This one is a story car making it slightly more interesting than your everyday F50. Rather than rewrite a perfectly good listing story, we will present it just the way our California scout, Tony B. received notification of its availability. Ferrari F50

There are few more famous, or infamous, Ferraris than this particular F50.  Almost anyone with an interest in such vehicles knows at least some part of the tale of the “Stolen F50.”  In today’s age of instant information, you need not dig deep to learn the details and a simple on-line search will reveal some very entertaining facts and more than a few myths and rumors as well…This was the 29th of only 349 F50s completed in a short two-year production run that ended in 1997 and one of only fifty F50s imported new to the States.   Number 29 of the limited production run was a normal USA version and it was finished like 302 similar F50s in Rosso Corsa (Racing Red) with standard black with red insert seats.  The initial delivery was to collector and enthusiast Ted Conrad, who enjoyed his new Ferrari for several years before consigning it for sale to Algar Ferrari in Rosemont, Pennsylvania.   Read More


Room for 4: ’87 Ferrari 412


The 365 GT  2+2, one of our favorites, is known as the Queen Mother. Why, we really aren’t sure. But it was the first Ferrari with a real rear seat, power everything and A/C. Ferrari needed a follow-up and introduced the 400 GT in 1976 at the Paris Auto Show. The 400 had a 4.8-liter V-12 engine that produced 20 more horsepower, now up to 340. The new car wore a more contemporary,  Pininfarina-styled angular notchback coupe body. Maybe not as Ferrari-esque as its predecessor. Read More


SOLD! Recently Serviced: ’79 Ferrari 308 GT4 Sunroof

Ferrari 308 GT4We featured this wonderful Ferrari 10 days ago. The 308 GT4 is a Ferrari model that has been flying under the radar for sometime but recently been recognized as a great buy. To quote Donald Osborne, contributor to Sports Car Market Magazine, “The dynamic qualities become apparent as soon as you drive one. It is a superbly balanced car, with responsive handling, and considering it comes from the mid-1970s, enough power to entertain. The long wheelbase gives the GT4 an excellent ride, and the seats are quite comfortable for long trips.”  Mr. Osborne holds to the theory that when you are looking for that special car, buy the best one you can afford. This Ferrari, at 27,000 miles with a recent service, could be that car. Contact the seller by clicking here.Ferrari 308 GT4