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6 Responses to Swedish Limo: ’78 Volvo 264 GLE

  1. ja says:

    This is my car! My wife just crashed it yesterday. So sad

  2. Ted Williams says:

    One wonders whether the pictured vehicle has been re-sprayed — the UV-related fading of the non-metallic portion of the front and rear bumpers seems somewhat disproportionate compared with the seemingly fresh black body paint.

  3. Ted Williams says:

    200 1979 GLE’s were shipped to North America.

    Interestingly, it was the first factory-painted black Volvo offered in North America, several customers having lamented in the past that they could not purchase a Volvo in black.

    The alloy rims pictured are factory installed. Of note, on the unit pictured, there is no floor console (perhaps a customer spec), nor were visible the rear window roller blinds, which were standard.

    Factory tires were Michelin XZX, one of the few dealer options being under-bumper mounted driving lights.

    A fantastic vehicle. At cruiser speed, it feels like it hunkers down on the highway, with no shortage of pedal for a spirited drive.

    And, of course, there’s that solid sound of a Volvo door when it being closed.

  4. Michael Lazarus says:

    That 5 spoke may be from a Bertone Coupe or these are the Swedish variant. I do not remember a GLE version with grey velour as homologated. They were used in Rockleigh & LA. This may have been for Bob Sinclair who was President of West Distributorship.

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