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Rare ’50s Convertible: ’53 Packard Carribean

Packard Carribean

Early Packards are revered by collectors for their innovations, quality and beautiful design. By the time we get to the 1950’s, Packard was sort of hanging on to a faded image from the past. That comment should not influence how you feel about this offering. These are really neat early ’50s luxury cars. Introduced as part of the Packard Cavalier model range, the 1953 Caribbean was perhaps Packard’s most easily identified ’50’s designed car because of its full cutout rear wheel housing and side trim. A steel continental spare tire was also standard. Packard CarribeanThe hood featured a broad, low leaded-in hood scoop. Bodies for the Caribbean were modified by Mitchell-Bentley Corporation and the colors for the car were limited to Polaris Blue, Gulf Green Metallic, Maroon Metallic or Sahara Sand. Interiors of the Caribbean were richly upholstered in leather. Most Caribbeans were also generously optioned, although the Ultramatic transmission and power windows were optional cost items on the first year model. At total of 750 Caribbeans were built for the first model year, and these cars are highly sought after as collectible cars. Today’s offering is from Frank K., and we are glad he submitted it. The car has been professionally repainted and is sporting new and re-plated chrome, top, carpets, tires, and wire wheels. The seller says this vehicle is a rare Series Model # 2678, serial number 400, and still has the original stainless steel moulding strips at the front and rear edge of the convertible top. This Caribbean shows 66,000 miles on its odometer and is thought to be original. We don’t see these often but when we do we admire the bold attempt at creating a distinctive motor car. Hagerty’s auction records has real dogs selling at $40 grand and #1 cars well over $100,000. We found some reference to this Carribean being offered a few weeks ago in the mid $60,000 range. Today it is available for $79500. Contact the seller by clicking here.Packard Carribean

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