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Fun for four: ’65 Morgan Plus 4, 4 seater

65 Morgan

We admired a Morgan 4-seater while we were at Lime Rock Park Race Track today. It was a full race car with tartan plaid interior door panels – a tribute to the Scot who owns it. And then, like magic, one appears in our In Box later today. We restored a ’65 Morgan Plus 4 so we think we know these cars pretty well. This is a nicely done sports car that was treated properly in the restoration. Many of these Morgans get all dolled up and they lose the hand-made look a Morgan should have. 65 MorganAlthough this does have a 2-tone finish, somehow it looks soft enough to work. We like the decision to go painted wires too. The interior is very much like Morgan intended. Nicely done. We like the wood steering wheel that might be one made by Lester. They are hard to come by. The engine compartment has a small upgrade – air filters. Yes, TR4 powered Morgans don’t have room for them unless you go the Super Sport route with a modified engine bonnet on the carb side. Nice. The 4-seater is clearly not as sleek as the 2-seater with the top up. In fact, it looks kind of goofy. But with the top down, it is not so bad and the extra room is very nice. Not sure we would ask anyone to sit back there however. The eBay listing has a complete description of what has been done during the restoration. Very comprehensive. We don’t know why sellers tend to over state the car’s importance by attributing it inaccurately to being “the” car in the movie War of the Roses. We don’t think they meant “the” car because that car was a 2-seater. Doesn’t make us want this anymore than we already do. Click here for the eBay listing.65 Morgan

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