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Streamliner: ’56 MGA Roadster

1956 MGA

Here at Mint we try to select interesting cars while recognizing the diverse tastes, interests and budgets of our readers. The decision to select one car over another may have to do with where it ranks in the collector car/special interest market or simply “we had one of those yesterday”.We review hundreds of ads/submissions each day. Some we scoot by very quickly for any number of reasons (poor photography the leading reason) and others capture our imagination immediately.  Read More


Mint: ’76 Mercedes Benz 230 Sedan


1976 Mercedes Benz 230If you are a frequent reader of Mint, you know by now we have eclectic taste in cars. We are most impressed by low mileage survivors in immaculate condition. Anyone with money can buy a new car but a connoisseur finds an older one that is distinctive and perhaps better. Honestly, this is not our first choice for a great find category because it is really underpowered at somewhere around 85hp. Read More


Super: ’62 Porsche 356B S90

1962 Porsche 356B S9

This beautiful S90 is being sold by the 2nd owner. The first owner was in charge of the restoration and it appears things were done with care. Unfortunately we have not much to go on other than it looks great in the pictures. The restoration is fresh and it was performed on a 356B with 48,000 and only 500 miles since. Read More


Super II: Porsche 356B S90

1962 Porsche 356B S90

This S90 is being sold on behalf of the seller’s grandparents. They are the 4th owners of this Champagne Yellow 356B S90 and that is since 1983. It has a nice lived-in look and it also has lots of documentation since it was born. That is worth something in the Porsche world. Read More