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A New Six: ’72 BMW Bavaria

BMW Bavaria

The BMW New Six is a line of six cylinders produced by BMW from 1968 to 1977. The series was introduced as a response to Mercedes Benz’s domination of the large luxury car segment. The New Sixes were very important in establishing BMW’s reputation as a maker of sporting, luxury sedans. A Coupe version was produced alongside and it too has a loyal following. The sedans had the internal name E3, while the coupés are E9. The 6-cylinder engine designation is M30 and a sweet engine it is.  Read More


1-Door Coupe: ’58 Isetta 300

BMW Isetta 300

Renzo Rivolta, the Iso refrigerator magnate, created a curious four-wheeled Isetta powered by a two-stroke two-cylinder engine. It was a bit odd, with a front-opening door and a steering wheel that hinged to it. Renzo went on to build some amazing super cars with doors in the usual places.  BMW was looking for an economical car to help them out of a financial jam so they called up Renzo and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Read More


The first kink: ’69 BMW 2000 Sedan

BMW 2000

During the 1950s, BMW made luxury cars with displacements of two litres or greater, economy cars, powered by motorcycle engines, and motorcycles. With their luxury cars becoming increasingly outdated and unprofitable, BMW needed a car in the 1.5 to 2 litre class to become competitive. In 1960, the Quandt Family invested heavily in BMW, and gained a controlling interest in the company. That year, the “Neue Klasse” project was begun. Read More


The Plural of Tii is? : a ’72 and ’73 BMW Tii Roundie

The BMW 2002 was the it car of the late 1960s. It started a revolution is small packaging and set BMW up for the success it enjoys today. The 2002 was great but the Tii was the German GTO of its day. The tii’s 140 horsepower doesn’t seem a lot today, but it was plenty in the early 1970s. The secret was its mechanical fuel injection, which allowed for precise fuel metering at all rpm ranges. The transmission was a straightforward four-speed manual. The 2002’s basic architecture and component usage set the standard for what most automakers still employ 35 years later.

We never do this but there are not one but 2 nice BMW Tii Roundies on eBay. Both profess to be good runners with Kugelfischer injection intact. One silver and one Colorado orange. If you are an extrovert, we know you’ll pick orange.

BMW 2002 TiiThe Colorado Orange car is set-up nicely with rear seat delete, headers and ANSA exhaust. The front has a set of Hella Rallye lights too. It appears well cared for and all set to go. You can see the auction by clicking here.BMW 2002 Tii

BMW 2002 TiiThe Silver car is a solid, west coast car from new. The body and bottom is said to be Mint. The engine was gone through 24,000 miles ago by the previous owner. Here we go with the “everything works but”. In this case, the horn. The horn is a nice Tii touch so we would attend to it. How hard can that be? You can see the eBay auction by clicking here.BMW 2002 Tii


Pennsylvania Survivor: 1968 BMW 1600

It has 40,375 miles on it but the clock doesn’t work anymore so I think we’ll pass. NOT! This is one of the best preserved early BMW 2-doors we’ve encountered since we began posting. frontppOkay, it had 1 repaint in the original Florida Green so it it is not all original but let’s not argue the point and miss this opportunity. It is a fully documented 1600 with great original paperwork, keys you name it, it is original. rearThe veritable little elderly lady’s pride and joy. Read More


SOLD Teutonic Terror: 1972 BMW 2002tii

German / Preferred / 32 Comments

David E. Davis’s seminal BMW 2002 review brought the brand to the attention of American enthusiasts. In it he states unequivocally that the BMW 2002 is “most certainly the best $2850 sedan in the whole cotton-picking world.” The German newspaper Auto Bild called it “the whispering bomb”. And that referred to the 2002 back in 1969. This California Bimmer is a 2002tii. I fear what Auto Bild might have called this one. Okay, I like the color although the interior may be a little too much blue for my taste. But I wouldn’t turn down this one for monochromatic-ness if that is a word. Its got everything including a sunroof (mine didn’t and I missed it) and A/C (a Cali necessity). And if it all works, as it should, this could be the one to catch.


And this is a fully documented California car with a good amount of paperwork to support continued attention to maintenance and subtle upgrades. The seller states it is a 5-speed and although nice to have on highway cruises, it didn’t come that way. But that, like the blue interior wouldn’t turn me away. Read More