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’73 MGB Update

dashtrunkThe seller has provided additional information on the MGB we featured on Saturday – Nice original example with beautiful original floors.  Not a restored car but one that has been well maintained and has escaped the usual ravages.  Excellent BRG paint done 15 yrs ago.  Black interior in great shape with new carpets.  Recent Vredestien 165×14 tires on powder-coated early MGB steelies.  Also has early grill retrofitted.  Recent stainless exhaust and soft top.  Runs well with excellent clutch, gearbox, brakes.  Engine bay is clean with alloy valve cover.  A 20 year owner, always garage kept and stored winters. A $11,000 asking price OBO. Contact Mint at michael@mint2me.comMGBMGB DS re


Bubble Sprite: ’59 Austin-Healey Sprite

Austin-Healey Sprite

Yesterday we featured a rather nice Austin Healey 3000 Works Rally Tribute and a absolutely dreadful 3000 restoration as part of a brief rant on taste. Then Mike M., sends us this absolutely wonderful Sprite and we decided to go Healey again.  Some background – Donald wanted a car a bloke could park in his bike shed. His own words, not ours. It was introduced to the press in 1958 and quickly became a success in sales and on the track.  Read More


Lefty to righty: ’60 Austin Healey BN 7

Austin Healey 3000 MK I

We owned (past tense) 2 really great Healeys. We started with a super Healey Blue ’67 BJ8. It was a great car that we drove everywhere.  That was a little too civilized for us so we searched and found a ’61 Side Curtain car in black with original red interior and a hardtop. Nirvana. So why does this offering sent in by frequent contributor Mike M., bother us a little?  Let’s establish that we applaud the attempt at building a great looking and hopefully driving, event car. We rarely see someone go to the trouble of converting to RHD to get the Works-car look down pat. Read More


Home Market: ’46 MG TC


The MG TC was the third in a series of post war MGs – the TA of 1936, and short-lived TB of 1939. The TC body was four inches wider and it was faster to boot.  The TC had the same fold-down windshield, fenders, wire wheels, and rear-mounted spare. Initially, It was right-hand drive only. The XPAG inline-four powerplant was able to coax the TC to about 75 mph – a frightening experience reserved only for the bravest.  Read More


Fly in, drive home: ’76 Triumph TR-6

Triumph TR-6

In its lifespan, over 86,000 Triumph TR-6s were exported. Not bad for a British sports car. The TR-6 styling is much like the TR-4/TR-250. Michelotti was hired to give it a face and tail lift and their work has been universally admired. The Kamm-tail Michelotti used was a popular design trend in the ’70s. There are tons of TR-6s available everyday in the marketplace, so why did this one catch our eye? Read More


Another nice one: ’59 Triumph TR-3A

Triumph TR-3A

We like to mix things up here at Mint but when you find another really nice car similar to one recently posted, you have to you have to make a call. So when we reviewed this TR-3 sent in by Mike M., we were impressed. This one is a fine example of a 1959 Triumph TR3A with factory “overdrive” and wire wheels (# TS61141LO).  Read More


Top Down Fun: ’58 Morris Minor Convertible

Morris Minor

Here is a restored, 4-seat, English convertible aka Tourer, cute as a button for only $24,900. Sure, you can find other 4-seat English convertibles but they will be called Dropheads or something snotty like that. It could be an Alvis TA 14, an Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane or Daimler Conquest. Read More


New Battery: ’57 MGA

57 MGA

Here at Mint we try to select interesting cars while recognizing the diverse tastes, interests and budgets of our readers. The decision to select one car over another may have to do with where it ranks in the collector car/special interest market or simply “we had one of those yesterday”. Read More