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Semi-retired: ’63 Jaguar XKE Racer

1963 Jaguar XKE

The most beautiful car ever designed looks good as a race car too. Today’s featured Jag is similar to the one we featured last week. Although this one is capable of being driven on the street. Wow! To be honest, we don’t know how truthful that statement is. It has a cut-down racing windscreen with no wipers and god knows what else you need to drive on the street. But the thought of doing it is kind of neat. Read More


Mainliner: ’88 Jaguar XJS V12 Coupe

1988 Jaguar XJS V12

Malvern, Pennsylvania is on Philadelphia’s Main Line and that is one of the wealthiest stretches of real estate in the country. Coincidentally, the Radnor Hunt Concours we attended was held in Malvern. We happen to like the Jaguar XJS Coupe with that glorious V12 engine so when this one cropped up from Malvern, we thought we should take a look. Any low mileage Jag from this area signals a charmed life and the photos substantiate what looks like a really nice example. Read More